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Lunchin' Littles

Available for Pandas & Koalas only

BEARS is excited to offer our new "Lunchin' Littles" program beginning this fall! This extended-day lunch option is only available to our three-year-old classes: the Pandas and Koalas. By enrolling in Lunchin' Littles, your child will extend her/his class day until noon (12:00pm.) Parents will send a packed lunch with their child on his/her Lunchin' day(s) to eat with their friends. Children will learn about the process of eating away from home while eating in a familiar and loving environment, with friends and teachers. Learning the rules and process for lunch at school, allows each child to grow his/her independence. These seemingly small opportunities help your child build confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and increased self-esteem!

Tap the Lunchin' Littles registration link above.
A minimum number of students are required to run this program.

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